Friday, 1 May 2015

Not alone!

A new resource began from today -   includes personal stories and interesting book reviews. A valuable resource for anyone trying to leave Christian Science and its mind-set.

Keep watching, as more content will be added. Wish I had had such a resource when I left Christian Science - just knowing others were out there, would have been great! 

Congratulations to all those who have worked so hard on this new website!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Umbrellas in the Rain

I like umbrellas. They are just what you need when you need shelter. ExCS UK is just such an umbrella, if you like! It exists for all genuine former Christian Scientists and for those who may still have relations in it. There was no shelter for me in UK nearly forty years ago and I would hate to feel anyone would have to endure the isolation of leaving Christian Science, as I did.

ExCS UK seeks to shelter those mentioned above - regardless of religious beliefs, location in the world etc. We do not proselytise but we gather strength and encouragement from others who can understand the unique situations which a history of Christian Science may pose. Believe you me, some of the situations we have heard over the years, could not be made up! The distress of some contacts is also so saddening.  This is why we opened an umbrella. No doubt, it has its failings. It has also witnessed Christian Scientists trying to score points but during the years, we have joined together and are the better for taking shelter!

Why UK in the title? Because it was founded here and we wanted to make any European contacts feel less far away from USA and to make it easier for them to join us in our meetings. We also have American friends - some of whom supported me when I most needed it - and others, worldwide.

 Also, at the time of beginning this journey out of CS there did not seem to be too much shelter for those who were not of Christian persuasion. I believe people need support, primarily, not the promotion of different faiths.

We are a strictly non religious group and we enjoy our diversity! Please feel free to join us and to share with us!

Monday, 24 March 2014


These days, we hear much about radicalism. Within the world of Christian Science, I was radical in my reliance on it. I continued the parental example of radical reliance, to which I was exposed. My mother was radical in that she lived and breathed Christian Science - no room for flexibility in her world! No doctors, pain relief, talk of health issues nor exposure to anything "worldly". Total reliance on Christian Science! In years gone by, to be radical was not much spoken about.

To my mind,  a question is posed - did my mother have that kind of personality which was attracted to strong-mindedness, no compromise and literal interpretation of Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy? Or, was it solely Christian Science which encouraged her radicalism to develop? Does radicalism of belief foster a false sense of security in day to day life? And is that what she was searching for - some kind of security? That, in a topsy-turvey world all around her, there was something on which to depend?

Within that framework, did I have the potential within my personality to become radical, within a belief system, or did my radical stance on Christian Science develop the longer I was exposed to its doctrines?

Page 167 of the above-named book reads, "Only through radical reliance on Truth can scientific healing power be realised." Radical reliance was our benchmark in the search for healing. The longer my mother was exposed to radical reliance, the more her eyes became lifeless. She marched to the beat of a different drum and gradually became lifeless before our eyes.

Does it matter? Apart from her immediate family, who cares? Why am I writing this, today? Well, something happened recently to cause me to think carefully. As a second generation Christian Scientist and never having owned my own personality, to what extent has my brain been affected by radical belief? Having left Christian Science, have the seeds of radical reliance remained in my brain? Has my radical reliance polarised into a radical stance against it? Is being radical, whatever the cause, sown within my personality? And, inadvertently, have I become radical, again, in my opposition to Christian Science?

My strong-mindedness over leaving Christian Science has been brought into question and it really poses a deeper question. Who am I? I am an ex Christian Scientist. To deny being "ex" or "former" or "previously" is to deny who I am and what I stand for. It does not prevent me from moving forward and being thankful to be alive but it identifies me.

Mere musings. Is there anyone out there who was radical in their Christian Science belief? How does your exit from it affect your opinions and life, now?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Winter Reading?

There are quite a few books written by former Christian Scientists which must help and validate a reader who may be in the process of extricating himself from Christian Science. "The 'Crime' of Dorothy Sheridan" by Leo Damore approaches the dilemma of medicine v faith healing, parental rights etc from a different angle.
It is a true story, features the Christian Science church and describes the courtroom drama as the facts unfold, concerning the death of Dorothy Sheridan's young daughter.

As I look back on my childhood life in Christian Science I know that I am indeed fortunate to be sitting here, on a sunny morning, enjoying my life. Being a member of the Christian Science church and having a mother who radically relied on CS meant that, as my childhood years developed, my mother had absolutely no idea of when sickness became an emergency and requiring action. We had no doctor, nobody to advise us and were surrounded by Christian Scientists from whom permission had to be extracted, to even visit a dentist when in pain!!! 

A Christian Scientist may suggest that it proves Christian Science "works" because I never became life-threateningly ill. Cold comfort for all former members who watched suffering and deaths of relations and endured needless pain of their own! Shocking, that the law (UK) did not and does not protect children because of the beliefs of their parents. When does a health crisis become same? Or, is CS radical reliance - Mrs Eddy's requisite for healing -  swept under the radar as being a thing of the past?? Is Christian Science wearing new clothes in the twenty-first century?

So many questions!  Serious reading.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bargain books!

We have several copies of "The Religion that Kills - Christian Science: Abuse, Neglect and Mind Control" by Dr Linda S Kramer  Sale price £4.75 (includes postage within UK) Please e-mail me at   if you are interested!

This is written by a former Christian Scientist who introduces the reader to the world of Christian Science thinking and also discusses "mind control".

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Christian Science childhood

I also recall breaking my arm when I was very young. I regained consciousness after my fall to see my parents' heads leaning over me and to hear them both bitterly arguing as to whether I should be taken to the hospital (my father's wish) or whether to call a Christian Science practitioner (my mother's wish). I was in a lot of pain and couldn't stop crying. Overnight, the pain was unbearable and I was still crying the next morning....  I shall post more on this saga, later.

 I can commiserate with Ben's memories over his brother's broken arm.

As a young child, we studied Christian Science for at least an hour, sometimes two hours, every morning. It was miserable for me, as I could hear all my friends playing outside. They had given up knocking on the door and asking me to join them! It all served to effect an isolationism from people around us.

Does anyone else recall a childhood in Christian Science?